Above Photo: Camellias and Chrysanthemums are an elegant pair

Peony is called the “King of Flowers.”


Our silk flowers look just like real flowers and are available in different types and colors.

Flower Selections

# FB-1
The Peony flower colors are red, white, pink, yellow
and a mixture of light and dark pink.


# FB-2
Aluminum boxes with Roses.

# FB-3
Silk Peony in color mixture
of light and dark pink.


# FB-4
Stained wood box with
Azalea flowers.

# FB-6


# FB-7

# FB-8


# FB-9

# F-1
The Peony flowers are 5” to 7” in diameter and 19” tall. Each stem has 3 flowers.


# F-2

# F-3
The Camellia stem has 19 flowers in the colors red, pink and white.


# F-4
The Lily flower is a very colorful and elgant flower. The stem is 24” tall and the flowers 19”.

# F-5


# F-6

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